Twitter gets relief by Russia; but, speed will be limited until next month

Russian officials said on Monday that they might slow Twitter’s pace until mid-May, and that they’d not block the Internet media platform for the moment, as it began the rapid removal of banned content. The announcement comes as a relief following the recent spat between the Russian government and the Internet media platform. Twitter is said to have played a significant role in increasing protests in Russia.

Last month, Russia’s state-of-the-art communications watchdog Roskomnadzor accused Twitter of failing to remove content that incited children to commit suicide. Aside from that, they were unable to remove information concerning pedophilia and narcotics. On March 10, the agency announced that it would slow down the uploading of photos and videos to the platform, and less than a week later threatened that if its demands were not met, it would shut down the internet media platform within a month.

In response to these allegations, Twitter stated that it has a zero tolerance policy for paedophilia, suicide encouragement, and the sale of narcotics. In light of Twitter’s decision, Roscomnadzor said in a statement released on Monday that he has decided not to block it.

According to the agency, Twitter has removed 1,900 of the 3,100 paedophilia, narcotic, and suicidal content and has increased the speed with which banned content is removed. This decision has been taken in view of this.

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