Scientists Issued a Warning About the 50 Percent More Contagious American Corona Variant

Corona Task Force

The Corona Virus Task Force of the White House has said in its latest report that there may be more corona infection strains present in the US. According to CNN, a report sent by the task force on January 3 warns about the American variant of Corona. The report said that the number of rapid infection cases during winter is more than double that of spring and summer.

American variant fifty percent more contagious

This increase in infection indicates that the U.S. variant of Corona may be present in the country. Scientists have said it’s fifty percent more infectious. The task force has said that we can overcome this with face masks, physical distance and maximum immunisation. On the other hand, Los Angeles County, the most populous of the United States, has recorded the highest number of 318 deaths in the last twenty-four hours.

Brazilian woman was re-infected with the new variant

The first person in the world to be re-infected with Corona virus E484K has become a Brazilian woman. Her corona report was positive for the first time in May 2020 and was again affected by this variant in October 2020. They both did not show any serious symptoms. This variant first appeared in South Africa, but it is the first case of re-infection in the world.

More than 8 million cases in Brazil

The number of corona patients in Brazil exceeded 8 million. There have been 52,035 corona patients in the last twenty four hours, while 962 people have died. Brazilian Vice President Hamilton Mourao was discharged from the hospital. His corona report was positive on 27 December.

33 new cases of infection in China

There have been 33 new cases of infection in China. While 17 people are affected by local infections, 16 people have come from abroad. Of those affected by the local infection, 14 people are from Hebei province while three infected people are from Liaoning.

Cancellation of public transport service in Shijiazhuang

The public transport service has been suspended in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei province, after cases of local infection have surfaced. Now all 1.1 crore people living here will be corona tested. Since the city is very close to Beijing, the country’s capital is placed on alert mode. On the other hand, Chinese authorities have announced that the country will be made available corona vaccine free of cost to the people.

Saudi King took the vaccine

Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz was given the first dose of the Corona vaccine made by Pfizer on Saturday. After Bahrain, Saudi Arabia was the second country in the Gulf region to have approved the corona vaccine. Explain that several other Saudi officials, including Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his brother Prince Khalid bin Salman, have already taken the first dose of the vaccine.

A look at these countries

France: Twenty thousand new cases of corona have been reported. 281 people have died.

Russia: 23,652 corona patients reported positive during the last twenty-four hours. While 454 people have died.

Iran: 5,924 new cases of corona infection have been reported. The first infected patient was found in Iran on 19 February.

Japan: 7,109 new cases of corona infection have been reported. 44 people died here on Saturday.

Spain: The number of corona-infected patients has exceeded 2 million. Between 5 and 7 January 245 people have died and 42,160 people have been infected in the country.

South Korea: 641 new patients detected. There have been two consecutive days when the number of infected patients has been less than 700.

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