NASA’s Mars rover captured a fantastic photo of a rainbow in the sky of Mars

NASA’s Mars Rover Percussion has captured a stunning image of the Martian sky. A rainbow can be seen in the sky of Mars, which is also very beautiful. This is the first time a rover’s camera has captured something like this so far from Earth. NASA has tweeted this information. It has also been reported that many people are wondering if there is a rainbow on the red planet. NASA has responded by saying no. According to NASA, there can’t be a rainbow on Mars.

According to NASA, the rainbow is made up of light reflections and small drops of water, but there isn’t much water on Mars and it’s extremely cold in terms of liquid water in the atmosphere. According to NASA, the iridescent hue visible in Mars’ sky is caused by the lens mounted on the rover’s camera.

Let us tell you that NASA’s atmosphere is very dry, with 95 percent of the atmosphere containing toxic carbon dioxide. Apart from that, 4% is nitrogen and aragon, and 1% is oxygen and water vapour. In this way, chemical and physical Mars differs greatly from Earth. This image was captured by NASA’s Mars rover on February 18, when the rover first touched down on Mars’ surface. NASA has issued a statement on the subject.

According to Dave Lavery, programme executive for NASA’s Solar System Exploration, the line of colors seen in the image could also be due to dust in the sky of the red planet, which is shining in sunlight. It could also have some amazing lens lustre. According to him, the rover was facing north at the time the photo was taken, and the Mars was at two o’clock in the afternoon, according to solar time. The camera was then pointing south. This is a better time because the brightness of the light may fall on the rover’s camera. However, some experts believe that icebo is a possible explanation for such photos taken in Mars’s polar region.

NASA’s parasite, notably, landed in the red planet’s Zagiro crater in February. Its job is to find a way to live here. This is NASA’s fifth Mars rover. NASA has also sent a helicopter engineer to Mars for the first time, who is currently unloading on the planet’s surface. NASA has come dangerously close to making history with its flight. This flight is most likely scheduled for Thursday.

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