Minneapolis administration to give $270 MN to Floyd’s family, died in police custody

George Floyd

The administration of Minneapolis City has agreed to give $270 million to the family of George Floyd, a black man, to settle the case. Floyd’s family filed the case for death in police custody.

Floyd’s family lawyer, Ben Crump, said the Minneapolis City Council agreed to pay compensation in the case. It is worth noting that, On 25 May last year, former police officer Derek Shavin knelt the black man George Floyd’s throat with his knees for about 8 minutes and 46 seconds. This led to Floyd’s death. Derek Shavin was a white officer.

Let us tell you that there have been violent demonstrations in Minneapolis and other parts of America to protest this incident. This sparked a nationwide debate on the racial justice system. In July, Floyd’s family filed a lawsuit against the city administration, Shavin, and three other officials.

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