Museum Reveals ‘Meteorite’ Older Than Earth


The Natural History Museum posted a photo of a four-billion-year-old meteorite on its Instagram page. The London-based museum said it was the first meteorite to be recovered in the United Kingdom for more than 30 years. The rare meteorite that was discovered in the Gloucestershire driveway left the netizens absolutely stunned, and the image has now gone viral across social media.

Rare meteorite has been discovered
The image shows the black object on the silver base. It seems to be a little shimmering. Now that the museum has been reached, scientists are conducting research on it. The scientists hope that a fossilised meteorite which is 4.5 billion years old could help them find out more about the evolution of the solar system. Let’s take a look at the picture.
Netizens were stunned

Stunned by the picture, the netizens took over the comment section. The image was able to gather more than 6.5K likes. In the comment section, an Instagram user tagged his friend and wrote, “I want to go hunting a meteorite!!!.” Another Instagram user wrote, “To be able to see what little rock saw on its journey would be beyond awe.” Making a funny remark, one Instagram user wrote, “Are you people still trying to eliminate a potential creator, or are you just afraid to recognise the possibility?” One should note that people are also tagging their friends in the comment section.

‘The ingredients of life’

Teams of scientists believe it may contain ‘ingredients for life’. The fragment of space rock, which landed at the Winchcombe driveway in the British county of Gloucestershire, was collected by researchers who have now stated that it is composed of carbonaceous chondrite containing organic material and amino acids, both of which are essential elements for the creation of life. The meteorite weighs 300 grams and is currently located in the Museum of Natural History in London.

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