2020 US Election: Know Why did Donald Trump Finally Lose

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Donald Trump has received 70 million or more than 70 million votes this time, which is the second-highest voting number in the history of America. At the national level, he has received more than 47% of the vote and won in 24 states, including his favourite states such as Florida-Texas.

There are certain groups of Americans over whom Donald Trump has an unrivaled hold. There is a lot of faith in the trump of these groups, these people saw him as President for four years and stamped on their style of working. Any analysis of his political weaknesses in the year 2020 is not possible without acknowledging his political strengths.

However, he has lost the election and now his name has been included in the four modern-day presidents who lost the election while in the presidency, that is, they did not get another chance from the public.
It is believed that Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016 because he was an out-of-the-box and non-political background candidate who spoke openly on topics that were not talked about politically before.
But Donald Trump lost the presidential election in 2020 because he was an out-of-the-box leader who made very aggressive statements on topics on which political people avoided speaking.

It was also revealed in the exit polls that ‘Some percent of those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election got away from him due to his ultra-aggressive attitude’.

Many of his old supporters said they did not like the aggressive way in which Donald Trump rejected so many standards.This was particularly true in the American suburbs, where the Democratic Party’s performance in Joe Biden’s candidacy has improved significantly.

There was a lot of resentment over Donald Trump, especially among women in the suburbs, and perhaps that led to Joe Biden’s wins in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, as well as Arizona and Georgia.
In the 2020 presidential election, we again saw what we saw in the 2018 midterm elections that more highly-educated Republicans, some of whom voted Donald Trump four years ago. But many of these people started to feel that Donald Trump is rejecting many criteria in a very aggressive way, due to which his mind got upset.

Then mocking racial tension, denigrating black people using racist language on Twitter, and maintaining chosen silence on occasions where white supremacists should have been criticized by a president – went against Donald.
People also notice that Donald Trump repeatedly praises authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin.
Also, those people who do not understand them, they give them ugly titles. For example, he once called his former lawyer Michael Cohen a ‘mouse’. A lot of people also objected to this language.

Some critics of Donald Trump are now calling him a ‘supporter of dictatorship’ as he has refused to accept the election results.

During the election campaign when I met Chuck Honstein in Pittsburgh, who supported Trump in 2016 and who is now with Biden, he said ‘people are tired.’ He said, “People want to see the normalcy in the country again. They want to see decency. They want to stop this hatred. They want to see the country united. And the sentiment that has come out of the people because of Trump, because of that Biden will win the presidential election. “

A major political problem for Trump was that he failed to expand his support beyond his base and it seems that he did not even try.
In 2016, he won 30 states, but he often ruled as if he was the president of only the conservative American people. He never made a strong effort to bring the people of the 20 states in which Hillary Clinton had more votes.
That is why critics of Donald Trump also address him as the most divisive president of the last 100 years.

After four exhausting years, many American voters wanted to have a president in their background who stayed in the White House and behaved in a more traditional way.

People were tired of the name-making rhetoric, threatening language and the constant confrontation. He wanted a return to normalcy of any kind.
However, there was a possibility in his favor from the beginning that in this election, he was not the new candidate like 2016, but the sitting President who has a record of winning for the second time.
The other aspect was that Trump was able to create a bad image of Hillary Clinton, but it was not easy to do this with Biden, which is why the Democratic Party finalized him as the presidential candidate.

77-year-old Joe Biden also did well. Done without any mistake. For this reason, Joe Biden succeeded in denting the Republican Party in American’s “Rust Belt” (Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin). But the answer to the question ‘Why did Donald Trump lose the presidential election?’ Another interesting question depends on ‘when did they lose the presidency?’

Immediately after Trump’s victory in 2016, did people who somewhere wooed him by voting against the power of the United States, soon after that there was any doubt about his decision?

After all, many people who voted for him were not even expecting his victory. Did this happen because within 24 hours of becoming President, he gave his ‘American genocide’ speech, which mentioned the ruined factories, the lefts behind the workers and snatching money from middle-class houses, after which he Talked on the size of the crowd and vowed to continue using Twitter.

It was clear from the very first day as his President that Donald Trump wants to change the presidency, not that the presidency will bring him any change. Did it grow slowly, the impact of many malicious incidents, shoddy rhetoric, the abandonment of many staff members and anarchy?
Or did the Corona virus crisis swallow his presidential term?

Till this crisis did not come, the trumps were seen in strong political condition. He also escaped in the impeachment case. His approval rating was also 49%. They could promote a strong economy and their tenure and usually these two factors give a second term to a president.

A question often comes up in presidential elections, whether the country has improved compared to the last four years. If the economic crisis also came after Covid, then obviously the case of Trump weakened. But it would also be wrong to say that Trump lost due to Corona virus. The President often emerges strong from a nationwide crisis.

Crisis often brings nobility in a leader. As Franklin Roosevelt pulled America out of the economic crisis called the Great Depression and he got its political advantage. George Bush’s initial reaction to the September 11 attack increased his popularity and earned him a second term. So it would not be right to say that Trump lost due to Corona virus. They have lost due to their failure to deal with this crisis.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to say that Donald Trump was politically relevant till the end, while the country was facing the biggest health crisis in the last 100 years, the biggest economic crisis after 1930 and the biggest after 1960 was surrounded by turmoil on the issue of racism.

Republican Americans would like to see his return. He will continue to play a major role in the conservative movement for many years to come. The ending of Trumpism can have the same effect on American conservatives as it did when Reaganism ended. Trump will remain a pioneer of polarization and may contest again in 2024. These ‘divided’ states will not unite immediately, many Americans have different feelings about Trump, from devotion to hatred.

Source- BBC

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