Infrared Detectors Market expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.7% between 2019-2027

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The global infrared detectors market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period from 2019 to 2027.

Market Insights

Imminent need for low cost, high resolution (using pixels) and multispectral imaging for applications such as public safety and transportation, defense and others is continuously driving infrared detectors market growth. Techniques such as micro-fabrication and micro-machining have aided the industry to reduce the cost, size and power consumption of detectors. Furthermore, the combination of factors including the rapidly anticipated adoption of 5G technology, IoT technology and increasing advances in wireless communication technology are other prominent factors fuelling the market growth. However, availability of substitute products for infrared (such as catalytic gas detector) and capital intensive technology and its deployment are factors that are posing challenges towards the growth of the infrared detectors market. 

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Based on functionality, it is estimated that thermal infrared detectors shall register significantly higher market growth during the forecast period. These detectors are used in ‘thermal imaging’ which requires a wave of 6-15 µm. Thermal imaging technique has widespread applications in areas such as military and defense, automotive, and consumer electronics among others and is gaining popularity worldwide. Thus bolstering the growth of thermal infrared detectors. On the other hand, photon infrared detectors are favored by photon imaging which requires lower operating temperatures. The photon infrared detector is widely used and is expected to remain dominant throughout the forecast period. 

Based on geography, North America is to dominate the infrared detectors market during the forecast period 2019-2027. This is due to the greater utilization of infrared detectors, coupled with presence of large number of manufacturers and huge demand for security applications in offices, hotels and airports among others in this region as compared to other regions. North America is trailed by Asia Pacific. This is due to rapid adoption of IR technologies and increased demand from end-use industry verticals such as consumer electronics, military and defense, and automotive among others. Additionally, Japan is one of the largest manufacturing region of infrared detectors, which are exported worldwide. Thus, propelling the infrared detectors market growth.

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Cooled IR Detectors to Dominate; Uncooled IR Detectors to Register Significant Growth throughout the Forecast Period

Based on technology, the global infrared detectors market is categorized into two major categories, namely: Cooled IR Detectors and Uncooled IR Detectors. Infrared thermal imaging using cooled and uncooled detectors are both gaining popularity due to widespread application in security, public safety and transportation, research and development among others. Uncooled infrared detectors technology is projected to register a steady growth rate during the forecast period. In wake of benefits offered by uncooled infrared detectors in terms of cost, size and reliability, big players such as Honeywell International Inc., Nippon Avionics Co. Ltd among others are capitalizing on this technology. Due to which the market for uncooled infrared detectors is gaining momentum. This momentum can also be accredited to microbolometers and its numerous commercial applications in areas such as thermography, surveillance and fire-fighting among others.

North America Dominates; Asia Pacific Set to Register Significant Growth during the Forecast Period

In 2018, North America was the largest value contributing region to the global infrared detectors market followed by Asia Pacific. This growth can be associated with the increased applications of infrared detectors especially in identifying motion that supports in recognizing the object from a distant place and presence of large number manufacturers [A1] [VP2] in the region, especially in the U.S. Thus projected to fuel the North America infrared detectors market, in the coming future. In contrast, Asia Pacific is expected to garner highest growth throughout the forecast period. This is due to strong government support,   and adoption of infrared detectors by various end-user industries such as aerospace & defense, government, and commercial applications among others. Thus, encouraging the growth of the Asia Pacific infrared detectors market in the upcoming years.

Key questions answered in this report

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