Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market projected to reach USD 12148 million

A comprehensive research report on the global Artificial Intelligence in the Retail market has been recently added by Alchemy Market Research to its large volume of database. The global Artificial Intelligence in Retail market size was valued at USD 902 million in 2019 and projected to reach USD 12148 million at a CAGR of 33.5 % over the forecast period.

The global market size of the Artificial Intelligence In Retail market is estimated at USD 902 million in 2019 and is expected to have a CAGR of 33.5 per cent over the forecast period. Information on global artificial intelligence in the retail market has been collected from a variety of reliable sources such as websites, press releases and media publications, which will help shape the future of businesses. Various infographics have been included in the analytical report to present the essential facts of global artificial intelligence in the retail market. An expert team of researchers highlights various aspects of the global market, such as global market share, market size, global market size, innovative and recent trends, types, solutions, services, technologies and applications.

This informative market research report provides summarised data on global artificial intelligence in the retail market overview, classification, applications, key players, drivers, tools, online platforms, services, constraints and opportunities. Data were collected through a combination of research techniques, such as primary and secondary research. In addition, the Alchemy Market research team uses qualitative and quantitative analysis. The informative report highlights the recent updates of the global market and its statistics for an effective understanding of the target market. The analytical report aims to provide a 360-degree overview of global market terminology such as cutting-edge technologies, recent trends, key development status, and historical developments along with future predictions. Furthermore, this innovative market report explores global opportunities and different ways of business expansion. Leading companies have been profiled with detailed SWOT analysis, financial facts, and innovations in the products or services.

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Following factors are encouraging and driving the global Artificial Intelligence in the Retail market:

Rising necessity for superior surveillance and observation at a physical store, enhanced user-experience, increasing awareness and application of AI in the retail industry,  mainlining inventory accuracy, enhanced productivity, Return on Investment (RoI), and supply chain optimization are some significant factors driving the global market growth.

Driving Factors:

Increasing awareness of AI and Big Data & Analytics stimulates the development of AI in the retail market.

Artificial intelligence in the retail market is growing due to the increased use of Internet users and smart devices, and the government is taking initiatives to digitize. In addition, the increased need to enhance end-user experience and take advantage of market dynamics contributes to the growth of global artificial intelligence in the retail market.

The highest rate of development during the estimated time period is required for in-store visual observation and surveillance applications. The cloud deployment model is required to show a higher piece of the overall industry, because of the rising interest for 24*7 accessibility of open data and ease support administrations.

Expanding need for superior surveillance and observing at an actual store, increasing awareness and use of AI in the retail business, improved efficiency, upgraded client experience, mainlining stock precision, Return on Investment (RoI), and flexibly chain enhancement is a portion of the key components fueling the growth of this market.

Latest Trends:

The following are the trending factors encouraging the global Artificial Intelligence In Retail market over the forecast period:

  • Favorable government initiatives and investments in Artificial Intelligence In Retail projects
  • Increasing research and development activities by leading global companies
  • Increasing developments and upgrades across the industrial sector
  • Effect of artificial intelligence in the retail solutions market with a high development rate.
  • Predictive merchandising expected to register high growth.
  • Increased awareness about Artificial Intelligence among global consumers
  • Increasing penetration of internet and expansive adoption of smart devices.

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