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You may decide to change careers at some point during your career. Depending on the nature of your move, change can be a positive step toward achieving your career objectives. Whether you want to change jobs or advance in your career, you’ll need proof that you’re up for the challenges you’ll face. Consider enrolling in Six Sigma White Belt training if you wish to enhance your professional options. White Belt training is the initial step in the Six Sigma journey for those who have no prior knowledge of the techniques but desire to change. The following are the top ten reasons why you should enroll in our White Belt Six Sigma training course.

The First Top Five Reasons

One – this is the first goal you will achieve as part of your Six Sigma journey. Many professionals who aspire to lead projects and manage process improvements have some level of Six Sigma certification. You will grow from the foundations of White Belt training like a building block.

Two it’s short. Our course only requires 6 to 8 hours of class time. Our workshops will train you the fundamentals of Six Sigma as well as a general understanding of what to expect from using them.

Three – it’s critical to your foundation. In our White Belt workshop, we cover the topics of Lean Six Sigma, positioning roles, and introduce variability. From these topics, you will build on greater, and more in-depth understanding of each proceeding certification level.

Four – you gain valuable certification. After achieving your White Belt certificate, you can join projects as team members or leaders, depending on their specific needs.

Five – You gain an advantage over your competitors. Professionals typically seek Six Sigma certification to advance their careers. With your new certificate, you will have both the experience and knowledge to give you an advantage over other candidates for the same position.

The Second Top Five Reasons

Six – you learn about DMAIC. There is almost nothing more crucial to the Six Sigma methodology than DMAIC. Professionals use this five-step process improvement method on a regular basis. With our training, you will learn what each step requires and how you can deliver it.

Seven – you can learn on your own time. If you do not have the time to commit to one of our workshops, we offer a self-paced option online. With this course, you can complete your Lean Six Sigma training on your own time, at your own pace.

Eight – you learn what roles are available to you and others. During your White Belt training, we will discuss the general structure of Six Sigma professionals and outline what placements you can expect to be in.

Nine – You become a valuable asset to your company. Employers are increasingly expecting their employees to have some level of Six Sigma certification. You meet the expectations of your current and future employers with your White Belt certificate.

Ten – it’s fun! At 6sigma, we want to create an atmosphere makes learning enjoyable. In our White Belt training course, we work hands-on with all of our students and create a fun environment for everyone.

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