7 Good Reasons to Get a Six Sigma Certification in 2021

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Are you preparing to become a Six Sigma expert in 2021? You’re on the right track in your career. As the record shows, obtaining a Six Sigma certification and becoming an expert in its methodologies will demonstrate your commitment to improving business processes, data insights, and analytical skills. Six Sigma principles are applied in a wide variety of industries and socioeconomic sectors.

Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma is a collection of tools and techniques that can be used to help a company in improving its processes. The Six Sigma certification’s primary goal is to validate individuals who can identify and eliminate errors or defects in a business process.

The Six Sigma certifications come in various belt formats, similar to martial arts level.

These certifications can be obtained via renowned training providers, like 6sigma.us.

Six Sigma certifications assist you in becoming a professional in process involvement, thereby raising the standard and credibility of your career.

“Is Six Sigma worth it? That’s not just adding another certification to your resume, many advantages make Six Sigma certifications wonderfully useful.”

Reasons to Get Six Sigma Certified:

1) Risk Reduction & Error Elimination

As a Six Sigma expert, you will be able to contribute significantly to any organization’s ability to identify and eliminate repetitive error processes.

A proper training programme can transform and enable an individual to transform and enable the organisation to increase the ROI by rooting out all the errors/defects in the business process that would have also resulted in poor customer satisfaction.

2) Business Process Improvement & Quality Improvement

Once you’ve mastered Six Sigma processes and fundamentals, you’ll be able to demonstrate your ability to measure, analyse, control, and improve business processes.

You will learn how to conduct a thorough review and use it to analyse current business practises in order to gain a clear understanding of quality performance.

You’ll be able to increase the level of sustained quality improvement that any organisation requires by closely monitoring processes to ensure there’s little to no deviation from the mean and taking decisive measures to reel in a project that’s veering off course.

3) Industry-Wide Applicability

Six Sigma is a methodology that is applicable to any industry. It can be found in every business sector — quality, product development, innovation, accounting, administration, human resources, and so on.

You will become a spearhead agent, a specialist who leads quality improvement throughout the team and business processes, with Six Sigma certification.

Six Sigma experts are skilled in a variety of areas that help to streamline business, improve employee satisfaction, reduce costs, and increase ROI — all of which lead to a successful organisation!

As a professional, you must adapt to the industry’s ever-changing demands. Whatever stage you are in, you will need to adapt your knowledge to changing circumstances.

4) Compliance Ensurance

Six Sigma quality standards are strictly adhered to in almost every large-scale organisation in order to reduce process errors to negligible figures.

As a Six Sigma expert, you will assist your organisation in meeting international standards, thereby keeping contracts profitable.

5) Nurturing Managerial And Leadership Ability

Six Sigma training prepares you to take on leadership roles by teaching you tools and techniques, as well as the know-how to cut costs, increase ROI, and improve business efficiency.

Six Sigma Black Belts represent the pinnacle of Six Sigma methodologies. They serve as the organization’s “change agent.” They lead efforts to improve processes and the quality of products/services delivered to customers.

Top-level management positions in financial management and risk assessment are in high demand. In addition, Six Sigma professionals have a very good chance of landing a senior management position.

6) Gaining Hands-On Experience In Quality Management

Six Sigma certification processes include hard work on industry assessments, projects and implementation experience of theoretical principles to real-life scenarios.

As a Six Sigma expert, you’ll gain valuable experience even before entering the workforce, as you will already experience working on crucial projects during the course duration.

7) High Scale Salaries

Six Sigma certified professionals are in high demand all over the world. Six sigma certified professionals are in high demand at companies such as Honeywell, GE, Volkswagen, and UnitedHealth Group. According to a survey conducted by indeed.com, the salary for Six Sigma certified professionals is in the $100,000+ range. They are among the highest-paid professionals in the world.

Closing Thoughts

As a professional, you need to adapt yourself to the changing needs of your industry. You need to learn to upgrade your expertise to different situations, no matter what industry you are a part of. And, Six Sigma is the definitive approach for a successful career outcome.

Ready to get started on the path to becoming a Six Sigma expert?

Opex Learning’s Six Sigma program is designed by Black and Master Belt certified professionals with more than 20 years of industry experience in implementing Quality Management and will help you become a Six Sigma expert.

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