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The Middle East and Africa’s retail industry has been flourishing owing to the growing disposable income of the public. Therefore they can afford to spend more on hygiene products such as hand sanitizers. In addition, there has been a spurt in the region’s sales of hand sanitizers due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, a Dubai-based company named Marssai, which produces hand sanitizers and hand washes, has reported an increase in sales. Due to the pandemic, the e-commerce sector is set to report sales of $68 billion, indicating that there is an increased demand for hand sanitizers in the MEA region.

The Middle East and Africa Hand Sanitizer Gels Market was estimated at 69.31 million in 2019 and projected to reach 175.87 million at CAGR of 10.9% over the forecast period.- AMR

In Saudi Arabia, the demand for hand sanitizers is likely to continue, owing to the rising awareness regarding hand hygiene and the growth in the per capita income. According to an article, companies offering sanitizer products are struggling to keep pace with the growing demand for these products. Moreover, the KSA’s detergent industry has seen a major upswing as a result of the growing public consciousness about maintaining personal hygiene. This is expected to bolster the demand for hand sanitizers in both, the residential as well as commercial sectors. The increased demand will fuel the growth of Saudi Arabia’s hand sanitizer market.

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Unilever is  a leading consumer goods company, and offers several products in the personal care segment. Its various hand sanitizer products include Hand Sanitizer Mild Care, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer Nature, Hand Sanitizer Active Fresh, and Total 10 Immunity Boosting Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer. The company has been active in the emerging markets through its subsidiaries in the Middle East and Africa region.

Hand sanitizers are being increasingly used in the healthcare sector on account of surging COVID-19 cases coupled with increasing applications of sanitizers in hospitals and healthcare centers. Nevertheless, the hospitality sector is expected to witness healthy growth during the forecast period owing to the development in hotel projects across several countries in the Middle East and Africa region in the coming years as tourism is projected to gain traction post-pandemic.

The hand sanitizer market report from the Middle East and Africa covers the market comprehensively by product types, product forms, distribution channels, end users, and countries. The Middle East and Africa Hand Sanitizer Market Outlook Report provides an unbiased and comprehensive analysis of the trends in the Middle East and Africa hand sanitizer market, Middle East and Africa Hand Sanitizer Market size opportunities, high growth areas, Middle East and Africa Hand Sanitizer Market share, and market drivers to help stakeholders develop and align their market strategies.

The Middle East & Africa hand sanitizer market is estimated to gain popularity during the forecast period 2020-26F backed by rising COVID-19 outbreak. Increasing awareness among the population towards maintaining health and hygiene by using hand sanitizers tends to cease the spread of germs coupled with minimise the risk of deadly infection and is anticipated to propel the significant demand for hand sanitizers in the foreseeable future. In addition, on the basis of end-users, the commercial sector is estimated to make serious progress towards a remarkable market growth supported by increasing social gathering to make it compulsory to use hand sanitizers to ensure free hand of germs and to reduce the risk of disease to proliferate the significant growth of the Middle East & Africa hand sanitizer market in the future.

The main reason behind the growth of the hand sanitizer market in the middle east and African region is because of the coronavirus spread. The increase in the number of patients affected by the fatal disease is leading to an increase in the concern regarding health and hygiene to be maintained and as a result, is leading to an increase in the adoption of hand sanitizers all across the region. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has led to the destruction of the Middle East and Africa (MEA) economy. With the increasing number of patients and an increase in mortalities across the globe, the coronavirus has led to major health problems amongst the population across the globe. A rapid increase in the number of cases led to an increase in the adoption of hand sanitizers. The continuous need to ensure hygiene is the main cause of the increase in the sales of hand sanitizers. The healthcare professionals are recommending COVID-19 patients and not only the suspects but also the general and healthy population to make continuous use of hand sanitizers to alleviate the entering of the pathogen into the human body through palm skin and this has led to the skyrocketing growth of hand sanitizers in the market and is expected to leave a positive impact on the market growth in the coming timeframe as well as the concerns regarding hygiene monitoring increases with the rising prevalence of such chronic diseases.

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