Ball Bonder Machine Market- IDMs to Continue Dominating the Market

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The overall ball bonder machine market worldwide was valued at US$ 942.01 Mn in 2018 and is set to grow with a CAGR of 4.04% during the forecast period.

Market Insights

The overall ball bonder machine market is highly driven by the faster speeds of ball bonding which is about 5-12+ wires each second. Types of the wire that are being used for this type of application include gold, palladium-coated & copper wires. Classic packages & applications for this type of process include BGA, SOP, QFP, MCM hybrid & the wafer level bumping. Ball bonding process is very well suited for the fine pitch application down to the level of 40 microns or less. With ball bonding method, still, a free air ball is being formed by the spark from the electronic flame off beneath the capillary before the bonding starts taking place. Free air ball after that gets warped when capillary touches surface of bond pad & applies force & ultrasonic with the given amount of time for the purpose of deforming the ball. Thus inter-diffusion in between wire & the bond pad metallization takes place, which makes intermetallic bond.

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There has been a very high growth experienced in the Lead/Pin count growth driving the incremental equipment demand for the semiconductor industry. Each I/O (Lead/Pin) does require an interconnect. Ball bonding is being generally used in the below 500 I/O devices, advanced packaging provides the additional prospects for greater than 500 I/O devices. It can be estimated that 85% of Semiconductor units are going to be Wire Bonded by 2020. LED lead-count market demand is incremental compared to semiconductor lead-count and it should be considered distinctly.

Based on type, Fully Automatic Ball Bonder has got the highest market share of more than 80% in the year 2018, which is being followed by the Manual Ball Bonder & Semi-Automatic Ball Bonder. Moreover, continuous adoption of advancements in technologies in the semiconductor packaging is being anticipated to act as a catalyst for market growth for ball bonder machines. Further, based on application, IDMs have got the largest segment share of Ball Bonder Machine application, having a market share of more than 70% in 2018. Based on the geography, Asia Pacific dominates the market with highest revenue share across the globe. The market here is governed by China, Taiwan and Japan. Dominant market position in the copper has enabled the market share expansion in this region. Factors like cost advantages and continuously rising semiconductor unit count is expected to drive the APAC market further.

Some of the major companies profiled in the report include Kulicke & Soffa, ASM Pacific Technology, KAIJO, SHINKAWA, F&K, Hesse, ULTRASONIC ENGINEERING, MICRO POINT PRO, Planar, West-Bond, Questar Products, TPT, PALOMAR, Mech-El Industries, Anza Technology among others.

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IDMs to Continue Dominating the Market

Among various applications, IDMs is projected to witness the highest CAGR during forecast period because of the fact that speedy increase in the number of IDMs vendors which uses the wire bonder equipment for the purpose of advance chip manufacturing. Furthermore, increasing production capacity and the constant technological innovation in the packaging technique is also one of the key driving factor of the ball bonder machine market. Nevertheless, rising research & development actions and the adoption of the innovative technologies by the semiconductor packaging business is also projected to fuel the growth of the market.

Asia Pacific to Register the Fastest Growth

Asia Pacific ball bonder machine market is estimated to witness very high growth rate during forecast period because of the high investment made by vendors towards the technological development of the chip fabrication process. Consumer electronics market in the Asia Pacific is expected grow ominously during the forecast duration. This in turn, will drive the growth of semiconductor market & trigger the market demand for the semiconductor manufacturing & packaging equipment like ball bonder equipment. Rise in the design complexities like the slimmer version, use of the metallic case, and the larger displays in the smartphones and the other electronics has cut down the space for the semiconductor components and hence driving the market in APAC for ball bonder machines.

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