Internet will not be able to run on old Android smartphone from next year

After September 1, 2021, many types of important smartphone websites running on the old Android operating system will not open. This is because ‘Let’s Encrypt’ has announced that on 1 September 2021, the partnership of the company with the IdenTrust certification authority will end.

Dark Fiber networks

Dark Fiber networks market- Worldwide growth analysis

Ever-rising internet traffic worldwide to bolster the demand for dark fiber networks Dark fiber networks marketĀ is set to reach US$ 11.57 Bn by 2028, growing with a double digit CAGR throughout the forecast period from 2019 to 2028. Primarily governed by North America, dark fiber networks market is highly driven by increasing usage of the …

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2020 US Election: Know Why did Donald Trump Finally Lose

Donald Trump has received 70 million or more than 70 million votes this time, which is the second-highest voting number in the history of America. At the national level, he has received more than 47% of the vote and won in 24 states, including his favourite states such as Florida-Texas. There are certain groups of …